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List your favorite games

In an effort to structure our forum gaming section, the channels on teamspeak server and to focus news articles in the right direction please mention all the games you actively play.

You might include your all time favorite games, but the point of this discussion is to determine which are the types and titles you game on a daily basis.
If we end up hosting our own game servers this would serve as a starting point.


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    Hello mates!
    My favorite games that i've played back at 90's (95) was Wolfenstain, Red alert, Warcraft, Starcraft, Doom,and others that i don't remember right now because these were countless. I even remember the game solomon's key that i played on an ancient pc which was running with a tape lol (schneider personal computer 64k) maybe back at 89'-92')!!!
    Today i'm playing Cs:go and Sim city(i like sim city from 1995 till today) and i'm waiting hopelessly the Tom clancy's: the division!!! GG guyz cya!!!
  • eVoeVo
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    CS:GO but I kinda suck at it, MU, pokemon and Need for speed.
  • World of Wacraft
    Diablo 2/3
    League of Legends
    Battlefield 3
  • Cs:go
  • 26 days later
  • cs:go
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